Multi-spindle CNC Router Superstar CNC
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Multi-spindle CNC Router Superstar CNC

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Multi-spindle CNC router, this machine is a professional automatic woodworking cnc machine. Whole steel structure, 4 spindles switching, high speed, perfect for panel funiture making. The wood router working table size can be customized. Engraving, drilling, cutting, edge guide, milling and so on are in one operation. The four processes switch heads, and the tool changing process is uninterrupted, realizing automationCNC wood router factory supply,we are wood router manufacturer since 2003

  • CX-B1
  • Superstar CNC

Working video

Parameter details

CX-B1 Multi-spindle CNC Router Superstar CNC

Product model


XYZ working area


Traveling Accuracy


Positioning Accuracy


Table Surface

vacuum table with vacuum pump

X,Y ,Z Structure

XY gear wheel, Z ball screw

Max. Rapid Travel Rate


Max. Working Speed



4.5/6KW Air cooling spindle*4

Spindle Speed



Servo Motors and drivers

Working voltage

AC 380V/50HZ

Control System


Guide rail

25 Square rail (TAIWAN TBI/HIWIN )

Product Description

Multi-spindle CNC Router Superstar CNC


The Four spindle ATC CNC Router machine is high-performance and fast, which can help you improve production efficiency.


The ATC Wood Carving CNC Router machine adopts HQD 4.5kw/6kw power air-cooled spindle, full servo drive system, original electrical components and other components, with stable performance.

Multi-spindle cnc router 4 sinples

Vacuum Table:

The table of the multi-spindles CNC router is a vacuum adsorption worktable, which can firmly absorb materials in different areas. There is no displacement when small plates are processed, the processed surface is smooth, and the plate size is accurate.

Multi-spindle cnc router vaccum table

TAIWAN Control System:

  • Support the international standard G-codes and compatible with the G codes of FANUC.

  • Provide multiple functions to simply programming operation.

  • Be able to control servo motors installing absolute encoders.

  • Open style PLC makes second development convenient. 

Multi-spindle cnc router TWAIWAN control system

Electric oiling

Automatic oiling can be set according to the time, to ensure the lubrication of slider lead screw guide rail, and extend the service life.

Multi-spindle cnc router electric oiling

Limit switch

The limit switch is used to control the travel and limit protection of mechanical equipment to prevent engraving failure caused by exceeding the processing range during engraving.

Multi-spindle cnc router limit switch


XY axies adopts 25 square rail guide, smooth operation, high precision, long life.

axis ball screw structure, the machine head runs stably and powerfully, and the spindle will not drop when the power off.

Multi-spindle cnc router rail guideMulti-spindle cnc router ball screw

Electrical part

This ensures all cables and pipes contained in the cable cover are protected from damage.

Multi-spindle cnc router electric parts1Multi-spindle cnc router electric parts2Multi-spindle cnc router electric parts3

Product advantages

Product advantages:

  • strong rigidity and no deformation

The heavy-duty gantry is reinforced and thickened. The steel plate is processed by precision cutting, planer and welding, which is equivalent to secondary tempering treatment, so as to ensure long- term durability and no deformation of the gantry.

The integral cast iron side plate is tempered at high temperature to prevent the deformation of side plate from affecting the travel accuracy of Y axis.


  • high precision, long service life

Taiwan linear square guide, double row of four row ball slide block, heavy load bearing, smooth operation, high precision, long life, double screw with high precision and precision cutting.


  • Easy to cooperate

LNC intelligent control system, user-friendly control interface design, fool operation, operators can be trained to work without technical workers.


Mainly used for

Wooden furniture industry:

  • Carved wavy board, fine pattern.

  • Suitable for the production of antique furniture, screens, sofa legs, headboards, etc.

  • Macking wooden door furniture: composite doors, cabinet doors, interior doors.

Advertising industry:

  • Make advertising signs, and crystal characters.

  • Acrylic engraving and cutting, and other advertising materials production.

Multi-spindle cnc router sample





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