Superstar CNC CX - 1325 Woodworking Side Cylindrical Engraving Machine
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Superstar CNC CX - 1325 Woodworking Side Cylindrical Engraving Machine

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Superstar CNC CX - 1325 Woodworking Side Cylindrical Engraving Machine-Adopt four-axis control system, full servo drive, handle control, convenient operation, simple and easy to learn。
  • CX-1325
  • Superstar

Working Video

Technical Parameters

control systemDSP/NC studio
Spindle3kw HQD water cooling
Motor and driver2D811 setp /Servo
TransmissionTaiwan TBI 25
Spindle Speed0-24000rpm/min
SoftwareUcancam / ArtCam/TYPE3
Table structureVacuum Table+ Aluminum T-slot
working voltagaeAC380V
Processing speed


transfer methodXY rack, Z screw

Product Description

1. High-speed drive motor, fast speed and superior performance.

2. The table top drive mode is adopted, which makes the operation more stable and the machining accuracy is higher.

3. Reinforce and thicken the heavy-duty gantry, the steel plate is processed by precision cutting and planing, plus welding, which is equivalent to the second tempering treatment, to ensure that the gantry is durable and does not work out of shape. The integral cast iron side plate is treated with high temperature tempering to prevent deformation of the side plate and affect the Y-axis travel accuracy.

4. The whole machine adopts the secondary assembly process, in which the mechanical accuracy is determined for the first assembly, and the second assembly enters the quality inspection process. The whole bed is aging treated, and all iron castings are quenched and strengthened.

5. Taiwan's high-precision square linear guide rail has high precision, long service life, large contact surface and strong load-bearing capacity.

Sample Application

1. Relief furniture industry, multi-head processing function is more effective, and round wood relief carving craftsmanship.

2. Dragon pillars, embossed furniture, staircase handrails, decoration industry. Processing three-dimensional three-dimensional technology, complex technology;

3. Carving 360° human body, Buddha statues, sculptures, handicrafts, furniture, etc.


Cylinder machine sample