Superstar CNC CX-1325 woodworking Automatic ATC CNC Router
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Superstar CNC CX-1325 woodworking Automatic ATC CNC Router

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SYNTEC control system, intelligent processing of cross-border protection to prevent mechanical collisions caused by the design layout exceeding the processing format, equipped with handwheel control, more convenient and flexible. Equipped with large independent cabinets, split keyboard operation, simple and convenient, easy to learn, referred to as "stupid", so that users can quickly and flexibly grasp the use of equipment, and the independence is stronger.
  • CX-C2
  • Superstar
control system:
Machine table:
Driving system:
Machine accuracy:

Working video

Product Description

Features Of CNC ATC Router:

  • V industrial led design, with new designed model.

  • Taiwan syntec control system, easy to control, and very stable during machine working.

  • Servo driver and motor, higher precision, higher speed.

  • Taiwan Square rail

  • ATC wood router mainly for doors, cabinet, furniture, etc.

  • Vacuum table, much more absorption power, can suck small pieces of material

  • The whole machine body is made from steel seamless welding tempering aging treatment, rigid, no deformation.

*The machine is particularly suitable for carpentry, wooden doors, furniture, cabinets, molds.

Technical Parameter

Working area


Control system

Taiwan SYNTEC control system


HQD 9kw ATC air cooling spindle


Helical gear reck for XY axis, ball screw for Z axis

Repeating location accuracy


Machine table

Vacuum table with vacuum pump

Driving system

Yaskawa Servo motor and drivers

Traveling Positioning Accuracy


Max. Rapid Travel Rate


Max. Working Speed



Detailed Images

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Applicable industries

Wood Furniture:

Panel furniture, cabinet wardrobes, office furniture, custom furniture. Wardrobe cabinet, cabinet cabinet, computer desk, panel furniture, office furniture, wooden speakers, wooden kitchen utensils, etc. 

All kinds of panel furniture, such as plane cutting, milling, chamfering, punching, engraving and other auxiliary processing.