Superstar CNC CX-mobile Tempered Glass Cutting Machine
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Superstar CNC CX-mobile Tempered Glass Cutting Machine

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1.1. The operation is simple and easy to manage. There is no special requirement for the operator. You can start with a little training.
2. The machine adopts imported or domestic first-line brand electrical and pneumatic components, which can effectively guarantee the cutting accuracy and stability, and can meet the requirements of various shapes of glass cutting.
3. High intelligent cutting table typesetting optimization software can greatly improve the utilization of glass cutting rate and reduce the production cost.
4 4. Automatic oiling function and automatic constant pressure adjustment function can effectively ensure the cutting stability and cutting effect
5.The latest Beijing Baolun glass cutting control system is adopted, which has the advantages of faster running speed, higher safety, stronger stability, higher cutting precision and complete functions. It can be used in all kinds of glass, saving manpower and financial resources.
  • CX-3826
  • Superstar

Working video

Technical Parameter



Glass Thickness


Cutting speed


Control system 

Baolun professional glass cutting

Driving motor and control card

Yaskawa servo motor, Japan. American gevi control card.

The maximum power

4kw (the average power is less than 1 kilowatt hour in normal use)

Working power supply 

AC220V / 380V, 50-60Hz

Positioning mode

air bearing platform, red light automatic positioning

Working table 

Air floating felt surface, black felt


Japan Yaskawa automatic edge position

Product Description


Small area, simple and safe operation, high speed, high precision and labor saving. It has the advantages of convenient operation, low investment and high efficiency, and greatly reduces the comprehensive cost of equipment use. It is the best choice for small and medium-sized glass enterprises.

Applicable industries

architectural glass, automobile glass, furniture glass, craft glass, decorative glass, cabinet glass, etc