Superstar CX-3D 4 AXIS CNC 90 Degree Rotary Engraving Machine
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Superstar CX-3D 4 AXIS CNC 90 Degree Rotary Engraving Machine

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The four-axis woodworking machining center is the latest research and development of Shandong Chaoxing CNC according to market demand. It is suitable for some engraving projects that cannot be completed by ordinary three-axis engraving machines. At the same time, it avoids the high price of five-axis machining centers, and is more convenient and faster. Tool magazine, automatic tool change, convenient and quick, suitable for more complex project production and processing. The design adopts a gantry movement, a disc-changing tool structure, and a "T"-shaped bed to maintain the stable performance and accuracy of the machining center in high-speed motion. And can design different tabletop types according to actual working conditions, strip suction can be clamped and sucked; suction clamps are shared, and the material is fixed more firmly.
  • CX-1325
  • Superstar

Working Video

Technical Parameters

X-axis stroke1300mm 
Travel Y-axis2500mm
Z-axis stroke450mm
resolving power0.05mm
operating system New generation (with wireless handwheel)
Transmission modeTransmission mode
guideTaiwan Shangyin square
DriverYaskawa servo 
Software running environmentWindows7/XP 

Product Description

The main components adopt world-renowned brands, such as HSD spindle imported from Italy, Taiwan Shangyin high-precision linear guide, Japanese Yaskawa servo motor and servo drive control system. The application of these high-end components can ensure the accuracy, speed and efficiency of the machine.

(1) The balance cylinder, which can not only assist the Z-axis drive, make the work more stable, but also protect the ball screw and servo motor.

(2) Dust-proof design, prevent dust and dirt, ensure the normal operation of the machine, and make the life of the machine longer.

(3) The heavy-duty bed with T-shaped structure, the thick-walled square tube is seamlessly welded, and has undergone vibration aging treatment, so it is durable and not easily deformed.

(4) Z-axis stroke is 450mm, processing area is large, and large-scale three-dimensional surface processing is designed and processed.

(5) Taiwan's new generation control system is a world-renowned CNC control system, with functions such as processing time prediction, power-off memory, and power-off continued engraving.

(6) Automatic tool change and tool magazine for discs, which is convenient and quick.

Applicable industries

Precision production of wood, stone, styrofoam, and various non-metallic materials, carving various small and medium-sized non-metallic molds, and special-shaped workpieces.

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