1325 CNC wood engraving machine shipped to Uganda
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1325 CNC wood engraving machine shipped to Uganda

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Factory direct sales of wood engraving machines sent to Uganda

This CNC router of ours is one of our most popular machines. As long as it is used for engraving wood, PVC, aluminum engraving and cutting, and relief hollowing. 3D engraving and cutting of density board, mahogany, solid wood, and plywood.

wood engraving machinery

1325 Wood Carving Machine

In response to customers' processing needs, we recommend our standard size 1300*2500mm to customers, which can process a variety of materials with high efficiency and meet customers' processing needs.

This machine adopts Nc Studio control system, which has high engraving precision and accurate cutting. You can choose between stepper motors or servo motors. High-precision Taiwan square rail.


6-zone Vacuum adsorption worktop

At present, the customer has received the machine, and we have arranged engineers to provide the customer with comprehensive after-sales service for business transfer. The customer said that our service and machine are very good.

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