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Is it normal for the spindle to heat up when the CNC engraving machine is engraving?

CNC engraving machine is a kind of engraving equipment that can perform relief, flat engraving, hollow engraving, etc. on wooden doors, furniture, metal, acrylic, etc. When we use the CNC engraving machine for engraving, we will find that the spindle is hot. is this normal?Since the internal structu

2022 09-30
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What are the effects of environmental factors on CNC engraving machines

CNC engraving machine is one of the commonly used equipment in the wood processing industry. It can mainly perform relief, flat carving, hollow carving and other operations on wooden doors, furniture, metal, acrylic, etc. It has the characteristics of fast carving speed and high precision. So, what

2022 09-29
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What materials can the four-axis woodworking engraving machine process?

Four axis woodworking engraving machine is easy to engrave and cut. Each type of wood sign making has its own characteristics, and some are denser, such as hardwood, which requires higher laser power when engraving or cutting. It is advisable to first study the engraving characteristics before engra

2022 09-27
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Determine the fault location by the abnormal noise of the 3axis wood engraving cnc router

Many customers who buy 1325 cnc router machines will have some small faults after using the machine for a long time, and they often cannot judge where the problem is. In fact, most problems can be judged from the abnormal sound of the cnc router machine.When the cnc router atc 1325 is working, the e

2022 09-23
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What are the functions of the cnc wood cutting machine

More and more woodworking engraving machines are used, affecting people's lives from every aspect. The function of wood CNC engraving machine is also continuously improved and improved. The current functions of wood engraving machine mainly include the following points.First of all, the woodworking

2022 09-22
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How to solve the lack of suction of woodworking engraving machine platform

In the use of the woodworking engraving machine, there may be a phenomenon that the adsorption table has no suction and cannot absorb the board. What is the reason for this and how should it be solved? Now I will introduce the solution to the non-adsorption of woodworking engraving machine working t

2022 09-21