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Hot selling 4*8ft CX-1325 wood carving machine shipped to Estonia

Thanks to Estonian customers for choosing Superstar CNCThe customer has a small and medium-sized factory, and the customer needs to use a machine to carve some furniture doors. We recommend a machine size of 1300*2500 for the customer. The size of the furniture door to be processed by the customer i

2022 12-02
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High-speed CX-B1 1325 four-head wood cutting machine shipped to Belgium

Thanks to Belgian customers for choosing Superstar CNC Router machine.This customer mainly processes furniture and cabinets, and has a small and medium-sized production plant. Our wood CNC router can meet customers' processing needs. After understanding the customer's processing needs, we showed the

2022 11-30
sanding machine.jpg
1300-8SL new sander machine delivered to Tanzania

Thanks to customers for choosing Superstar CNC Router Machine. This machine is the latest sander, suitable for sanding cabinet doors, sliding doors and other furniture.The size of the wood board that the customer wants to process is 340mm*100mm, the thickness is 7mm, and he wants to improve the proc

2022 11-29
wood cutting machine.jpg
The hot-selling 1325 ATC wood cutting machine is sent to Canada

Thanks to Mr. Nicki from Canada for choosing Superstar CNC 1325 ATC CNC cutting machine.Mr. Nicki chose our hot-selling CNC router - automatic tool changer ATC wood cutting machine. The working voltage of Mr. Nicki's place did not match the machine's, and the factory changed the voltage of Mr. Nicki

2022 11-26
New 6130 panel saw shipped to Aruba

Thanks to Mr. Aman from Aruba for choosing 6130 panel sawMr. Aman is engaged in the furniture industry, mainly processing furniture, cabinets, wooden doors and so on. The machine size and customized accessories are selected according to the customer's requirements.The panel saw adopts electric lifti

2022 11-22
small wood router.jpg
Small 6090 engraving machine sent to Sri Lanka

Thanks to Mr. Luke from Sri Lanka for choosing Superstar CNC 6090 engraving machineMr. Luke is engaged in the advertising engraving industry, mainly processing solid wood, PVC, aluminum. We recommend suitable configurations and machine sizes according to customers' needs.Adopt imported Mach3 control

2022 11-16