Panel furniture machine production line shipped to Indonesia
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Panel furniture machine production line shipped to Indonesia

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Thanks to our Indonesian customers for choosing Superstar CNC

The customer is engaged in the furniture manufacturing industry, and has just built a small and medium-sized factory, and intends to purchase some CNC routers to improve production efficiency and save labor. So find us on Google.

Panel furniture machine production line

High efficiency panel furniture production line

Customers choose our high-efficiency furniture production line, which includes wood CNC Beam saws, automatic edge banding machines, and six-sided drills. Greatly improved processing efficiency.

Wood Beam Saw are mainly used for wood-based panels, density boards, ABS boards, PVC boards, solid wood and other materials. It can cut plates of different thicknesses and materials. Pneumatic floating ball table is adopted, and the replacement of thick plate materials is convenient.

wood saw machine

Wood Beam Saw

Fully Automatic Edge Banding Machine is mainly used for edge banding machine can be PVC, melamine, wood materials, etc., with powerful functions of edge feeding, pasting, unloading, front and rear trimming.

edge banding

Automatic Edge Banding Machine

The Six-Sided Drill Machine is mainly used for drilling acrylic, PVC, and MDF, and is specialized in the nested production of cabinets, wardrobes and custom furniture. One device can realize six-sided processing and front and back grooving.

drilling machine

Six Side Drilling Machine

Now the customer has received this panel furniture production line, and praised its processing speed is amazing.

We have 20 years of production and export experience and have our own production factory. If you also want to start a new business or expand your business, please feel free to contact us.