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Now Superstar CNC has already served more and more clients over the world. If you have any new ideas or suggestions, feel free to contact us. We are glad to cooperate with you and bring you the best. 
  • What is the future of the car mat industry?

    With the improvement of living standards, family cars are becoming more and more popular. Moreover, the majority of car owners' requirements for cars are no longer just for transportation. More and more people pursue higher quality performance and interior environment.As an essential part of the car Read More

  • Introduction of nine functions of edge banding machine

    The functions of the edge banding machine include: pre-milling, gluing, flushing, rough trimming, finishing trimming, edge scraping, profiling tracking, polishing, and grooving. Mainly used in the production of panel furniture and wooden doors. Read More

  • How to maintain the plasma cutting machine?

    How to maintain the plasma cutting machine?Superstar CNC produces and exports plasma CNC cutting machines, and provides professional machine maintenance guidance. Read More

  • How to maintain the CNC cutting machine?

    Woodworking cutting machine is a tool equipment. It has a certain running-in period. During the first three months of use, be careful not to cut too fast, and not to overheat the drive motor for a long time. It is necessary to frequently clean up the impurities and dust on the guide screw bearings and oil them for maintenance. Read More

  • How to choose the CNC router wood engraving system

    Which control system shall be used? Which wood engraving control system is better?Normally the Syntec system, LNC system, NC Studio system and SHANLONG system will be used for the domestic woodworking machines. Read More

  • What is the difference between CNC engraving machine and CNC lathe?

    Although both CNC engraving machine and CNC lathe are common CNC mechanical equipment, there are big differences between the two.The differences between CNC engraving machine and CNC lathe are mainly in the number of main axes, processing range and structure. Read More

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