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A Guide to Tool Change Timing for CNC Routers

In the process of long-term use, the cutting tool of the furniture data router will inevitably wear out. If it is not replaced in time, it will greatly affect the efficiency and quality of cutting. So when is the right time to replace the tool of the furniture CNC router?1. Look at the tool.When the

2023 01-13
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The new CX-1530 multifunctional CNC wood lathe was delivered to Russia

Thanks to Russian customers for choosing Superstar CNCOur CX-1530 multifunctional CNC lathe is a CNC machine launched according to customer needs. It is widely used to make small handicrafts such as round beads, small hand guards, molar sticks, and small handles. Small vases, intestines, pen holders

2023 01-12
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Vacuum Adsorption Tabletop Advantages of Wooden CNC Router

The tool magazine of the in-line CNC cutting machine is a fixed row, and generally has at least 12 tool magazines, which greatly improves the production efficiency. Accessories are an important factor that affects the overall operation of the equipment. For cutting machines, processing the desktop i

2023 01-11
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Automatic CX-2800 Beam Saw Shipping to India

Thank Indian customers for choosing Superstar CNC automatic beam sawThe customer is in the furniture door panel industry, and the wood beam saw is mainly used for cutting wood panels. The customer bought our CNC engraving machine in 2021 and was very satisfied with our machine quality and after-sale

2023 01-10
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Precautions for automatic cutting machine operation

CNC cutting machine is an important equipment for furniture manufacturers to transform to intelligence and automation, and it can help them improve processing efficiency. However, there are some taboos in the cutting machine that need to be paid attention to, otherwise it will cause damage to the eq

2023 01-09
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Hot sale 4*8ft 1325 wood router machine shipping to USA

Congratulations to American customers for receiving 1325 wooden CNC routersAmerican customers need a machine size of 1300*2500mm, which is our standard machine size.Widely used in acrylic cutting, MDF engraving and engraving, and wood decoration products production.The customer wants to customize so

2022 12-12