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1325 CNC wood engraving machine shipped to Uganda

Factory direct sales of wood engraving machines sent to UgandaThis CNC router of ours is one of our most popular machines. As long as it is used for engraving wood, PVC, aluminum engraving and cutting, and relief hollowing. 3D engraving and cutting of density board, mahogany, solid wood, and plywood

2023 09-21
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The difference between water-cooled and air-cooled spindles

Picture this: You're in a woodworking shop, eagerly watching a CNC mill effortlessly carve out a workpiece with stunning precision. Today we’re going to delve into the mysterious world of cooling and compare water-cooled spindles to air-cooled spindles.1. Temperature control:Water and air play compl

2023 09-14
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Why choose laser cutting machine?

fiber laser cutting machines work: These machines use a high-power laser beam to focus on a metal tube, causing localized heating and melting. Intense heat melts metal while high-pressure airflow blows away molten material for clean, precise cuts. Laser cutting machines enable complex shapes and int

2023 09-07
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Can a CNC Engraving Machine Cut Plywood?

In the realm of modern woodworking, technology has revolutionized the way intricate designs and detailed cuts are made. One such technolog. But the question arises – can a CNC router cut plywood? Today, we dive into exploring the capabilities of this machine and unveiling the endless possibilities i

2023 08-30
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Linear Automatic Tool Changer ATC CNC Router Shipping to Indonesia

Thanks to Indonesian customers for choosing the automatic ATC wood cutting machine from Superstar CNCThe customer found our official website through Google search and saw our 1325 automatic tool change CNC cutting machine. After understanding the parameters of the machine, he thought that our machin

2023 08-24
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Why the hell are wood routers so loud?

Introduction:Woodworking enthusiasts and professionals alike are no strangers to the ear-splitting shrieks of wood routers and CNC machines. In this blog, we embark on a sonic journey to unravel the mysteries behind the deafening decibels emitted by wood routers and their computerized counterparts,

2023 08-17