1325 CO2 CNC laser engraving machine shipped to Guatemala
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1325 CO2 CNC laser engraving machine shipped to Guatemala

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Thanks to customers in Guatemala for choosing Superstar CNC

Our Guatemala customer purchased our 3015 fiber optic cutter in 2021. After using this machine for a long time, customers feel that our machine quality is very good. So I found our company again and wanted to buy another 1325 CO2 laser engraving machine.

laser cutting machine

1325 CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

The customer told our sales about his processing requirements, so our sales recommended the standard 1300*2500mm machine size to him. This machine is very suitable for processing non-metal, such as crafts, billboards, etc. The customer needs a laser tube with a power of 130w. Our machine supports customization, and we have communicated and made notes with the production workshop.

After communication, the customer quickly paid the deposit. Now, the machine has been produced.

Our machines are all packed with foam and plastic film before shipment. Then pack into wooden case to prevent the machine from wear and tear during transportation. The machine is packed in a wooden box, which can be fixed and protected.


CNC Engraving Machine Sample

When our customers receive the machines, we will arrange professional technicians to provide technical support and help our customers use and maintain the machines.

The machine is now on its way to the customer's factory and will be ready soon to help them produce even more perfect products!