ATC Woodworking cnc router engraving machine was Exported to Singapore
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ATC Woodworking cnc router engraving machine was Exported to Singapore

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Woodworking cnc router engraving machine CX-1325B2 is our latest design. One of the most popular designs for wood cutting and carving machine. It is specially designed for the cutting and engraving of furniture, wood, panel furniture, decorative materials, wood kitchen utensils, composite materials, office furniture and other materials.

The 12 tools can complete the engraving of different draw and the efficiency can be increased by more times. The pneumatic tool changer can complete more patterns of engraving, and has a tool change function.

Our customer from Singapore, he wants to start furniture making business. He heard from a friend that there are some CNC machine tools in China that are very convenient and the price is very reasonable.

So he found us. He was skeptical of us, so I sent him various certificates about our wood milling machine, as well as various processing videos about wood milling machine for sale.

He was very interested in our machine tools. Then I sent a detailed quotation to the client. The customer could accept this price, but hesitated, and then said that he would like to compare the prices of other machines and did not reply.

Waiting for the customer for a few days, the customer said that other people's machines are cheaper. I told the customer, yes, there are indeed cheap ones, but the craftsmanship and design are different. Due to the impact of the epidemic, customers cannot visit the factory on the spot.

Therefore, I asked the customer to go online with the customer at the factory at two o'clock in the afternoon on a certain day. The customer saw the sheet metal processing process and production line, and the customer was very satisfied. He saw the laser machine in the workshop, and agreed to add a laser machine by the way, and the machine was installed in a 20-foot container and shipped to Singapore.


SuperStar CNC router engraving machine pass CE certificate, there are many kinds of CNC router engraving machine. A month ago, the customer received the machine, but the customer would not install it. We established a WeChat group with the customer. Our technicians talked with the customer in the WeChat group, and the technician taught the customer how to install and use the ATC Woodworking cnc router engraving machine and 1325 co2 laser machine .


ATC Woodworking cnc router engraving machine CX-M25 Mmain Features


1.Heavy bed body, the bed is treated by the furnace, not easy to deform.

2.It is suitable for carving and making of wooden doors and furniture. Machines can sculpt all kinds

of patterns.

3.With oil injection system, the drive part of the machine can be effectively lubricated.



X Working Area


Y Working Area


Z Working Area



HQD 9KW Air cooling


Japan Yaskawa servo motor

Working voltage

3 phases AC 380V/50HZ

Control System

Taiwan LNC

Guide rail

25 Square rail



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