Are panel saws accurate?
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Are panel saws accurate?

Panel saw, also known as push table saw, is a precision cutting saw with high-end configuration to cut the board accurately and accurately. Mainly used for various density boards, particle boards, wood-based boards, ABS boards, PVC boards, plexiglass boards and solid wood and other materials with similar wood structure and hardness.

wood saw

Woodworking panel saw structure and performance requirements

1. The movable table is rail type, which will not deform after being stressed, and has no shaking and tilting phenomenon.

2. The left and right sides of the saw blade can be added with ruler size scale lines, which is convenient for accurate and efficient cutting.

3. It has a sawdust collection device.

4. The equipment and operation safety measures are perfect, and protection measures such as emergency stop switch and energy consumption braking are provided.

5. The slide rail of the push table is accurate, reliable, flexible, durable, easy to maintain, and has an adjustable travel limit.

6. The whole equipment has a stable frame, fine manufacturing, beautiful painting, stable operation, small vibration and low noise.

7. The after-sales service measures are perfect to ensure the use demand.





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