Automatic CX-2800 Beam Saw Shipping to India
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Automatic CX-2800 Beam Saw Shipping to India

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Thank Indian customers for choosing Superstar CNC automatic beam saw

The customer is in the furniture door panel industry, and the wood beam saw is mainly used for cutting wood panels. The customer bought our CNC engraving machine in 2021 and was very satisfied with our machine quality and after-sales service, which is why he continued to choose to cooperate with us. This time he bought an automatic cnc wood saw from our company.

wood saw machine

Beam Saw Shipping to India

Features of automatic cnc beam saw:

1. The moving of saw can adopt gear rack driving way

2. Process flexible two fingers structure,the smallest plywood reaches 20mm(china initiate)

3. The cutting speed is controlled by a frequency converter, which can overcome plates of different thicknesses and materials.

4. The feeding adopts pneumatic floating bead platform, automatic feeding, and the replacement of thick sheets is convenient

beam panel saw

Automatic Wood Saw Kit

The customer told me that he will recommend us to more customers who need CNC machine tools, and hopes to become a long-term partner with us.

Superstar CNC is a manufacturer with 20 years of manufacturing, our customers choose us not only because of the quality of our CNC routers, but also because of our professional service. If you are interested in purchasing CNC routers, welcome to contact us.