CNC Router Carving Wood--2022 Best Selling Wood CNC Router
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CNC Router Carving Wood--2022 Best Selling Wood CNC Router

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Woodworking engraving machines are common in our lives, and they are often found in handicrafts, high-end wooden doors, furniture, antique furniture and other products. Compared with manual engraving, woodworking engraving machines are faster, and the carved products are more exquisite, which also greatly increases people's demand for woodworking engraving machines.

advertising engraving machine

1325 Wood Emgravimg Machine Carving Wood

Advantages of woodworking engraving machine:

1. Less cost input and quick results

Sculpture is a job that requires a lot of patience, so the salary of the master sculptor is relatively high. If a factory hires a master sculptor, the salary is not a small sum. Although the price of an engraving machine is relatively expensive, the production efficiency is high, and the cost can be recovered quickly.

2. The engraving time is fast

It takes a long time to engrave a product by hand. If it is computer engraving, it may be completed in a few minutes, which greatly shortens the required engraving time. From the perspective of cost estimation, time actually means money and high efficiency.

3. Alleviate the shortage of hand engravers

Carvers require extremely high patience and perseverance. Today's young people are less and less interested in this industry, resulting in fewer and fewer elite talents in this industry, and there is a shortage of hand-carvers in the market.

4. Improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the factory

Computer engraving has good effect and high efficiency. Compared with manual engraving, it saves time, labor and high efficiency, and is favored by consumers.

wood engraving sample

1325 Wood CNC Router Sample

Applications of wood routers:

Advertising industry: acrylic cutting, MDF engraving, cutting and engraving, and wood decoration products production.

Wooden doors: MDF and wood door carvings.