CX-1200 Small cylinder engraving machine Export to Spain
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CX-1200 Small cylinder engraving machine Export to Spain

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The Small cylinder engraving machine is an equipment designed and manufactured by Jinan Jinshengxing Company according to customer needs. This Small cylinder engraving machine can engrave human body, Buddha statues, sculptures, handicrafts, furniture and other relief furniture industries at 360°. Small cylinder engraving machine is a simple single-cylinder engraving machine, compact and convenient, automatic processing.

This Small cylinder engraving machine adopts circular guide rails on the X axis and ball screws on the Z axis. It is suitable for 200mm diameter cutting and engraving. It has high precision, wear resistance, stable operation, and can be customized for special requirements. The steel structure bed of the Small cylinder engraving machine saves space, is seamlessly welded, and has strong bearing capacity. Small cylinder engraving machine adopts high-speed, high-precision DSP-A11 control system and water-cooled spindle, easy to learn and operate, and high cutting force. This Small cylinder engraving machine adopts a frequency conversion speed regulation system to solve the problem of wood vibration by adjusting the speed.

Specification of CX-1200 Small cylinder engraving machine Export to Spain

X Z Axis working area



DSP-A11 system


3kw water cooling spindle


20mm round rail guide 

whole machine power


working speed


Our client, Mr. Adam, is from Spain, he has his own furniture processing factory, and he plans to expand his woodworking industry. We are a Taobao seller on After searching on, he was very interested in our Small cylinder engraving machine and sent us an inquiry. After we discussed the functions of the Small cylinder engraving machine, he planned to go to our factory to learn how to use the Small cylinder engraving machine. When we met at the CNC wood router factory, he decided to buy two Small cylinder engraving machine. At the same time, he also ordered a laser cutting machine. Now the Small cylinder engraving machine is in a very good production state. Next month, his engineers will learn how to operate a Small cylinder engraving machine.

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