CX-1325 3D Engraving Machine Export to India
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CX-1325 3D Engraving Machine Export to India

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The CX-1325 3D Engraving Machine is designed and manufactured by Jinan Jinshengxing Company. The 3D Engraving Machine is a woodworking engraving machine mainly used for woodworking engraving. The high-speed rotating spindle of this 3D Engraving Machine drives a milling cutter to engrave materials. The CNC studio can be equipped with a computer for real-time screen operation. It is widely used in woodworking furniture, advertising industry, craft model and other fields. Applicable materials, such as wood, plank, solid wood, medium density fiberboard, acrylic board, double ABS board, etc.

The 3D Engraving Machine is equipped with HQD 4.5kW water/air-cooled shaft, stepper motor and driver, and Taiwan HIWIN guide rail. The 3D Engraving Machine all famous brand parts have the characteristics of high precision, high speed, stability and long service life. The control system can choose between DSP offline and NC studio brand.

This 3D Engraving Machine has the advantages of simple operation, high efficiency, and beautiful appearance. The 3D Engraving Machine uses a combination of artistic surface modeling methods and geometric surface modeling methods. The combination of precise painting mechanism and artistic painting mechanism.

Specification of CX-1325 3D Engraving Machine Export to India



Control system

DSP offline/NC studio


4.5KW Water cooling spindle

Spindle speed



Leadshine stepper motor and drive

Table Type

Vacuum adsorption/T-slot work table

Our customers are from India. He contacted us through He has his own woodworking furniture production factory, and he plans to expand his wood industry. he knows that Jinan is the production base of 3D Engraving Machine, so he plans to visit our CNC Router factory. When we arrived at the woodworking workshop, technicians checked the quality of the machine by testing the diagonal of the 3D Engraving Machine, and the inspector repeatedly checked along the x-axis and y-axis with a flashlight. So detailed. The customer praised our quality inspection and we guaranteed the quality of our machines and our service, so he quickly decided to order two 3D Engraving Machine and hoped to have a long-term business relationship. We immediately signed a contract at the factory, and next week, we will invite him to work on how to use our 3D Engraving Machine.

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