CX-280A Automatic Computer Beam Saw Shipped to Morocco
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CX-280A Automatic Computer Beam Saw Shipped to Morocco

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Thank you Moroccan customers for choosing Superstar CNC.

The customer sent an inquiry for Computer Beam Saw Brain on Alibaba. Then our salesman introduced the materials that the machine can process to the customer. The computer table saw can carry out automatic feeding, and the feeding adopts a pneumatic float table. The minimum splint of our computer beam saw reaches 20mm, and the maximum sawing thickness reaches 90MM. The customer was very interested and said that this machine fits his needs.

wood saw machine

Wood Beam Saw

Specifications of CNC computerized panel saw:

1. The cutting speed is controlled by a frequency converter, which can overcome plates of different thicknesses and materials

2. Pneumatic floating ball table is used for material feeding, and the replacement of thick plate materials is convenient. automatic

Feeding, high production efficiency.

3. Imported Delta servo motors are used to eliminate human errors and improve dimensional accuracy

4. Double servo control, more stable cutting.

beam saw sample

Computer Panel Saw Sample

At present, this computerized panel saw has been packaged and ready to be shipped. After the customer receives the machine, we will arrange professional technicians to provide comprehensive and professional technical support.

If you also want to buy a CNC router, welcome to contact Superstar CNC at any time.