How much do you know about the maintenance of woodworking engraving machines(1)?
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How much do you know about the maintenance of woodworking engraving machines(1)?

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After purchasing the machine, the maintenance and maintenance of the machine is also essential. Learning to maintain the machine will increase the service life and bring us more benefits. When the machine breaks down, it is time-consuming and laborious, and it also delays production. The following editor will introduce how to properly maintain the machine during use.

1. Maintenance and maintenance of the wood working machine

Superstar CNC woodworking series engraving machine is a kind of machine tool. It has a certain running-in period. During the first three months of use, pay attention to slow engraving, work intermittently, and be careful not to overheat the drive motor for a long time. Clean the guide wire frequently. Impurities and dust on the lever bearing, oil maintenance.

2. Detailed maintenance guidelines for superstar CNC engraving machine

Because the cnc carving machine should be regularly cleaned of impurities and lubricated with oil during normal use, otherwise the engraving machine will have a lot of dust and impurities inside the screw, guide rail, slider and bearing under long-term operation, causing the screw, slider and bearing to rotate. If the resistance is large, the engraving speed will be slightly faster, and there will be a phenomenon of lost steps and dislocation.

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Maintenance method:

(1) Choose a lubricant: the mixture of oil and butter should not be too thick.

(2) Lubrication part: xyz three-axis track slider gear rack and pinion bearing.

(3) Lubrication steps: Before lubricating, remove the impurities in the rack, pinion, lead screw, guide rail, nut and bearing slider. If they cannot be removed, they can be cleaned with gasoline, and then injected with lubricating oil and then gradually added. High-speed idling, i.e. no plate, three-axis run-in

(4) The lubrication cycle depends on the working environment and the working time of the machine. Generally, the debris is cleaned up after get off work every day. Refuel all parts every month, and lubricate at high speed.

(5) Lubrication method Use a grease gun to inject lubricating oil into the slider. For other parts, drip oil with an oiler or wipe the oil with a cloth.

The above is the content of the first issue of engraving machine maintenance and maintenance. I hope it can help you. In the next issue, we will continue to understand those things about engraving machine maintenance and maintenance.

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