How to choose the knives of the vibrating knife cutting machine?
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How to choose the knives of the vibrating knife cutting machine?

Superstar CNC provide many types of vibrating knife cutting machines, what kind of knife is suitable for your material? Check this article to know.

Knives include: ordinary vibrating knives, high-power vibrating knives, pneumatic knives, round knives, bevel knives.

According to the order of the thickness of the cutting material, there are three types of knives: pneumatic knives, high-power vibration knives, and ordinary vibration knives.


Pneumatic knives:

The compressed air drives the blade to move vertically up and down at high speed to cut the material.

Suitable for cutting: foam materials such as pearl cotton, sponge, EVA, and can also process shoe sole materials.

 Pneumatic knives

High-power vibration knives:

It uses the vibration of the blade in the vertical direction to cut.Suitable for materials with relatively high thickness and hardness.

Suitable for cutting: leather, car mats, cardboard, rubber, floor leather and PVC. It is suitable for non-breathable materials and requires relatively complex processing.


Ordinary vibration knives:

The working principle of ordinary vibration is the same as that of high-power vibrating knives. The difference is that the power of ordinary vibrating knives is smaller than that of high-power vibrating knives.

 vibration knives

Round knives:

The round knife blade is to use the rotation of the blade to cut. The blade moves on the worktable and adjusts the angle to achieve cutting of any shape.

Suitable for cutting: cloth, fiber. The motor drives the cutter to rotate to cut the cloth, and the speed is fast. But not suitable for curved cutting, suitable for straight cutting.

 Round knives

Bevel knives:

The bevel cutter can process V-grooves and bevels of different specifications by changing the installation angle of the blade (0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45°).

Suitable for cutting: soft glass, PVC, honeycomb board, KT board, corrugated paper, vertical corrugated board, gray cardboard, etc.

Bevel knives

If you are still not sure what knife is suitable for your material after reading this article, welcome to send the material to us, and we will use different knives to make samples for you for free.





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