How to improve the production efficiency of custom furniture factories
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How to improve the production efficiency of custom furniture factories

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With the continuous improvement of living standards and the continuous improvement of people's demand for home comfort, custom furniture has become the most popular industry direction. The production of custom furniture such as ordinary sliding table saws can no longer keep up with the current production. The efficiency and accuracy of the CNC cutting machine is to adapt to the new era of factory production. The CNC cutting machine can be directly designed according to the customer's requirements, and it can also cooperate with the software to display and preview the style of the furniture after it is completed. Optimize the layout and automatic opening of the plates.

The combination of sliding table saw + three rows of drills used in thetraditional production process requires high levels of workers, and the level of skilled workers basically determines the production level of the entire factory. The shortcomings of design and production have caused customized furniture to be corrected during installation after it is produced. Moreover, it is difficult to increase the output and the quality fluctuates greatly. In actual production, the risk factor of sliding table saws is very high, and work injuries are extremely prone to occur.

mulit woodworking machine

CNC cutting machine

Compared with the traditional production process, the CNC cutting machineand side hole machine is more efficient. If it is equipped with an automatic loading and unloading table, no manual intervention is required. The computer control system is adopted and the program is automatically executed, which can complete the processing of large quantities of products. The cutting machine adopts a vacuum adsorption table, which can strongly absorb materials of different areas, and automatically locates the plate, which greatly improves work efficiency. The equipment system has the functions of breakpoints, power failures, and continuous engraving. It has the characteristics of high stability and high efficiency, and is simple and easy to operate.

Six Side Drilling Machine

side hole machine

According to Superstar CNC's explanation, if you want to build a brand new high-quality panel furniture factory, it is more suitable to directly use the combination of CNC cutting machine and  side hole machine than traditional sliding table saw and three-row drill.





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