How to maintain the spindle motor of the CNC cutting machine
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How to maintain the spindle motor of the CNC cutting machine

The spindle motor of the CNC cutting machine is a key and core part of the engraving machine. If this part is damaged, the entire machine cannot run. Therefore, the user should remember to maintain the spindle motor frequently to reduce the possibility of damage. In order to make this machine work better.

wood cylinder engraving machine

1. Take good care of the spindle of the engraving machine. For the spindle of the engraving machine, it is the best maintenance method to cultivate the spindle motor to be cleaned every time you finish your work.

2.Cleaning up waste debris: After working every day, the operator should use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the waste debris on the rotor end of the engraving machine spindle and the motor terminal, to prevent the waste from accumulating on the rotor end and the wiring terminal and entering the bearing, speeding up the high-speed bearing Wear and tear; avoid waste debris from entering the wiring terminals, causing short-circuit and burnt-out of the spindle of the engraving machine.

3.Tool change: The operator must unscrew the press cap clamp every time the card is installed and the tool is changed. The method of inserting and pulling the tool cannot be used to change the tool. After the tool is unloaded, the clamp and pressure Clean the cap.

4. Water pump: check the working status of the cooling water flow of the engraving machine spindle every day after starting the machine. Check whether the water pump is working properly and whether the cooling water is contaminated by scale or microorganisms. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the machine without cooling water passing through the engraving machine spindle.


5. Lubricating the cutter: When disassembling the cutter of the CNC cutting machine, cleaning and lubricating is indispensable. Use a small brush to clean the nut and thread, and then apply a layer of smooth oil to make it work At the same time, no large friction will occur, so that the motor will not be worn.

6. Clean up scale: If the machine has been working continuously for more than ten hours because of heavy workload, it is necessary to manually release the water remaining in the water pipe to avoid the formation of scale and damage the spindle motor.

7. Check the water temperature: The spindle motor will emit a lot of heat during continuous operation, which requires the use of water to cool it down. Therefore, its maintenance is to check the water temperature frequently. If the water temperature is too high, it will not be able to dissipate heat, so the hot water needs to be replaced to ensure that the spindle motor will not burn out due to the high temperature.





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