In addition to the cutting machine, what equipment is needed to make panel furniture
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In addition to the cutting machine, what equipment is needed to make panel furniture

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Panel furniture requires different equipment according to your processing needs. You can refer to the following options.

1. Three-in-one cabinet production line

The main large equipment of the three-in-one cabinet production line includes a four-process cutting machine, an edge banding machine, and a polishing machine. cnc 4 axis wood cutting machine, four knives can realize 0-second knife change, edge banding machine is used for edge banding, and side hole machine is used for side hole punching. For small equipment, precision saws, curved line edgers, hinge drills, chamfering machines, etc. are also required.

2. Cabinet body/cabinet door production line

If you produce both the cabinet body and the cabinet door, you need more equipment, generally including straight row automatic tool changer cnc wood machine vacum, edge banding machine, side hole machine, polishing machine. Laminating machine, etc. The rest of the small equipment requires precision saws, metal strip cutting machines, hinged drills (single or double heads can be selected according to actual needs), stacking arm edge banders, etc.

3. Non-porous craft cabinet production line

Non-porous craft cabinet production line is mainly used for processing non-porous craft cabinets. The required equipment mainly includes a saw blade cutting machine and a saw blade side hole machine. In addition to ordinary cutting and punching, the saw blade is mainly used to pull the crescent groove.

4. Blister door production line

The blister door production line mainly includes a straight automatic tool changer ATC CNC cutting machine, a polishing machine, a laminating machine and a hinge drill. The general pattern of the plastic door is much more complicated than that of the cabinet, and the number of cutter heads required is more. The straight-row tool changer has a straight-row tool magazine, which can carry 12, 16, 20 and other different numbers of cutter heads, and automatically change the tool without manual work. After the cutting machine processing is completed, a polishing machine is required to polish and polish the surface of the plate. The laminating machine is then used for lamination, and the hinge drill is used to punch the hinge hole.

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