Introduction of nine functions of edge banding machine
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Introduction of nine functions of edge banding machine

The functions of the edge banding machine include: pre-milling, gluing, flushing, rough trimming, finishing trimming, edge scraping, profiling tracking, polishing, and grooving. Mainly used in the production of panel furniture and wooden doors.

Introduction of each function:

  1. Pre-milling: Double milling cutters are used to re-modify the ripple marks, burrs or non-vertical phenomena caused by the sawing of the panel saw to achieve a better edge banding effect. It makes the edge banding and the board fit more closely, and the integrity and aesthetics are better.

  2. Gluing: Through a special structure, the double-sided adhesive of the edge-sealing board and the edge-sealing material can be evenly applied to ensure a stronger adhesion.

  3. End trimming: through the precise linear guide rail movement, the automatic tracking of the model and the high-frequency high-speed motor fast cutting structure are adopted to ensure the smooth and smooth cut surface.

  4.  Rough trimming/Fine trimming: Both adopt automatic profiling and high-frequency high-speed motor structure to ensure the smoothness of the upper and lower parts of the trimmed board. It is used to repair and process the excess edge banding material above and below the edge band of the plate.

    1) Rough trimming: The rough repair knife is a flat knife. In order to deal with the trimming of the excess part of the veneer. Because the finishing knife R-shaped knife cannot be used directly when sealing the veneer, the veneer is generally 0.4mm thick. If the finishing knife is used directly, it is easy to cause breakage. In addition, rough repair can also be used for the first level repair process when sealing PVC and acrylic.

    2) Fine trimming: The finishing knife is an R-shaped knife. Mainly used for PVC and acrylic edge banding of panel furniture, preferably edge banding with a thickness of 0.8mm or more.

  5.  Profiling unit: The upper and lower rounding device can make the end surface of the plate more smooth and beautiful.

  6.  Scraping: It is used to eliminate the ripple marks caused by the cutting process of the non-linear motion of the trimming, so that the upper and lower parts of the board are smoother and cleaner.

  7.  Buffing: Use a cotton polishing wheel to clean the processed plates, and polish the end surface of the edge to be smoother.

  8.  Grooving: used for direct slotting of the side panels and bottom plates of the wardrobe, which reduces the process of panel sawing and is more convenient and quick; it can also be used for slotting the aluminum edging of door panels.


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