Quickly understand the advantages of CNC cutting machine
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Quickly understand the advantages of CNC cutting machine

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As people's demand for customized furniture is getting higher and higher, CNC cutting machine is widely used by furniture manufacturers due to its advantages of flexible use, high efficiency and simple operation. Today, Superstar CNC will explain its advantages to you.

1. What are the advantages of CNC cutting machine

(1) The CNC cutting machine automatically disassembles the order, and automatically calculates the size of the door panel, side panel, top panel and other panels according to the product specifications

(2) The data set of the 4 axis cnc machine can quickly optimize the layout and production cutting requirements, and actively transmit the integrated data set to the CNC cutting machine control system for cutting

(3) The CNC cutting machine automatically reminds the workers how to put the board, and the residual material management system gives priority to detecting whether there are boards of the same material and similar size in the warehouse, and promptly prompts the workers to give priority to cutting the remaining boards to improve the utilization rate of boards;

(4) The 3 axis cnc machine automatically feeds and cuts, and after cutting the previous board, it actively pushes out the board and locates the size of the next board to be cut, and automatically calibrates the size. When the saw car returns to the initial position, the manipulator has already sent the material in place, and the saw car goes back and forth to cut the board.

(5) Simultaneous printing of barcode labels

The above are the advantages of woodworking cnc. You can choose the carving cnc machine that suits you according to your business needs. If you have any questions, you can contact us on the official website.

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