Scope of use of advertising engraving machine
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Scope of use of advertising engraving machine

Advertising engraving machine is divided into two types: low power and high power. General engraving machine advertising engraving: bras, shapes, steel molds, engraving chapters, furniture engraving, gifts, souvenirs, handicrafts, engraving advertising light boxes, etc. Advertising engraving machines are currently widely used in daily life. Here is a brief introduction for everyone The processing range of advertising engraving machine.


Advertising Engraving Machine Sample

Advertising engraving processing range.

1. Seal engraving:when talking about advertising engraving machine, the first thing we think of is the engraving of various signs in the advertising industry, which can easily engrave the fonts we need. Similarly, in the seal industry, such as horns, plastics, organic plates, wood, etc., it can also be easily carved.

2. Mold processing:advertising engraving machine can also be applied to the engraving of various molds. It can easily engrave architectural models, physical models, bronzing molds, motors, micro injection molds, shoe molds, badges, embossing molds, biscuits, and chocolates. , Candy molds, etc.

3. Craft engraving:as people understand and master the advertising engraving machine, its application range and application level have been extended to the engraving industry in the craft industry. Some common handicrafts and various text graphics on souvenirs are all carved out by advertising engraving machines. Its carved materials are not limited to ordinary porcelain and wood, but are also applicable to the craftsmanship of metal materials such as iron and copper.

4.Carving wood products:the advertising engraving machine has the same design principles as ordinary engraving machines, so it also has the same functions as ordinary engraving machines. By replacing a carving knife suitable for wood carving, it can effectively carve the surface of the wood. Processing, and the engraving precision is high. But advertising type engraving machine is only suitable for wooden crafts, not flat-cut wooden products.

The above is the scope of use of Superstar CNC advertising engraving machine. Different engraving machines can engrave different materials, and the scope of use of high-quality, high-cutting precision advertising engraving machines.





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