What can a wood CNC lathe do?
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What can a wood CNC lathe do?

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Now the furniture manufacturing industry, staircase industry, and decoration industry are developing rapidly. Woodworking CNC lathes are also undergoing rapid changes. CNC fully automatic woodworking lathes are automated equipment that saves labor.

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Wood CNC Lathe

What can a CNC lathe do?

CNC lathes are mainly used for wood processing. In the woodworking industry, woodworking lathes are an important woodworking machine that can complete wood cutting, processing and finishing.

Wood lathes can complete wood cutting, such as wood sawing, milling, drilling, etc.; can also complete wood processing, such as wood polishing, polishing, etc.; can complete wood finishing, such as wood carving, polishing wait.

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DIY CNC Lathe Sample

Wooden CNC lathes can also be used for wood construction and decoration, such as the production of wooden frames and wooden doors. The woodworking lathe can be processed according to the design drawings according to the customer's requirements, and complete the construction and decoration of the wood, so that the wood has a better decorative effect.

The function of woodworking lathe is very extensive, and it is an indispensable and important machine in the woodworking industry.