What is the difference between a practical stepper motor and a servo motor for a CNC woodworking engraving machine?
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What is the difference between a practical stepper motor and a servo motor for a CNC woodworking engraving machine?

The motor is one of the indispensable accessories of the CNC engraving machine, and the commonly used motors are mainly divided into stepping motors and servo motors. When customers understand and prepare to purchase equipment, engraving machine suppliers will always provide customers with different configuration solutions. Servo motor configuration is relatively more expensive than stepper motor configuration. Many customers dont know much about it. Servo motor and stepper What is the difference between motors? Today, Superstar CNC will give a detailed comparison and introduction:

1. Different control methods. Servo is closed-loop control, and stepping is open-loop control. This is the most basic difference. Specifically, the servo motor is closed-loop control (completed by encoder feedback, etc.), and the speed of the motor is measured in real time; the stepper motor is open-loop control, input a pulse stepper motor will rotate through a fixed angle, but it is wrong Speed is measured.

2. The starting torque is different.the starting torque of the servo motor is very large, that is, the starting is fast. The rated speed can be reached in a short time. It is suitable for frequent start and stop conditions and start torque requirements. At the same time, the power of the servo motor can be very large, and it is widely used in production. The start-up of the stepper motor is relatively slow, and it has to go through the process of frequency from low to high. Stepper motors generally do not have overload capability, while servo motors are better for overload.

3. Different sports performance.If the movement frequency is too high or the load is too large, it is easy to lose steps or stall. When the speed is too high, it is easy to overshoot. Therefore, in order to ensure its control accuracy, it is necessary to deal with the speed increase and decrease problems. The AC servo drive system is a closed-loop control. The drive can directly sample the feedback signal of the motor encoder. The position loop and the speed loop are formed inside. Generally, there will be no step loss or overshoot of the stepper motor, and the control performance is more reliable.


Lets take a look at the advantages of servo motors compared to stepper motors.

1. Precision: It realizes the closed-loop control of position, speed and torque; overcomes the problem of stepping motor out-of-step;

2. Rotation speed: good high-speed performance, generally rated speed can reach 2000-3000 rpm;

3. Adaptability: strong anti-overload capability, able to withstand a load three times the rated torque, especially suitable for occasions with instant load fluctuations and requirements for fast starting;

4. Stable: stable operation at low speed, no stepping operation phenomenon similar to stepping motor will occur when running at low speed. Suitable for occasions with high-speed response requirements;

5. Timeliness: The dynamic response time of motor acceleration and deceleration is short, generally within tens of milliseconds;

6.Comfort: Heat and noise are significantly reduced.

Through the above introduction, I believe everyone knows that stepper motors and servo motors have their own advantages and disadvantages. When customers purchase CNC woodworking engraving machines, they can also choose the corresponding motor configuration according to their own needs. This will not only meet the processing requirements well, but also save costs.





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