What is the function of the edge banding machine?
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What is the function of the edge banding machine?

1. Pre-milling: Re-modify the ripple marks, burrs or non-vertical phenomena caused by the panel saw after cutting to achieve a better edge sealing effect.

2. Glue and seal the edge: Through the special structure, the edge-sealing plate and the edge-sealing material are evenly glued on both sides to ensure stronger adhesion.

3. Qi head: through precise linear guide motion, the use of automatic mold tracking and high-frequency high-speed motor fast cutting structure, to ensure that the cut surface is smooth and smooth.

edge banding machine

4. Refining: All of them adopt the automatic tracking of the mold and the high-frequency high-speed motor structure to ensure the smoothness of the upper and lower parts of the trimmed plate. It is used to repair the excess edge banding material above and below the edge banding strip of the processed sheet. The finishing knife is an R-shaped knife.

The edge banding machine is mainly used for PVC and acrylic edge banding of panel furniture, preferably edge banding more than 0.8mm thick.

5. Scraping: It is used to eliminate the ripple marks caused by the cutting process of non-linear motion of trimming, and make the upper and lower parts of the plate more smooth and tidy.

6. Polishing: Clean the processed plate with a cotton polishing wheel, and make the edge-sealing end surface smoother by polishing.

7. Slotting: It is used for direct grooving of wardrobe side panels, bottom plates, etc., which is more convenient and quick to reduce the process of panel sawing; it can also be used for grooving the aluminum edge of the door panel. Speed regulation straight line, special shape, electronic time control and stroke control belt feeding and cutting with accurate length.

The edge bander can be PVC,melamine,wood based works and so on,with powerful fuctions as edge feeding,sticking,material cutting,front-back trimming.






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