What is the use of the edge banding machine?
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What is the use of the edge banding machine?

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The edge banding machine is a kind of woodworking machinery. It belongs to the solid wood machinery category. The edge banding machine, as the name suggests, is used for edge banding.

The traditional manual operation process is completed with highly automated machinery. Including conveying in straight-face special-shaped edge sealing - gluing and welting - cutting - front and rear alignment - upper and lower trimming - upper and lower fine trimming - upper and lower scraping - polishing and many other processes.


This machine is suitable for straight edge trimming and trimming of medium density fiberboard, blockboard, solid wood board, particle board, polymer door panel, plywood, etc. It has functions such as flushing, chamfering, rough repairing, fine repairing, scraping and polishing.

The equipment is stable, reliable and durable, and the price is moderate. It is especially suitable for manufacturers of large and medium-sized furniture, cabinets and other panel furniture.