What machine is used to cutting wood?
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What machine is used to cutting wood?

Many customers are wondering what machine can be better used for cutting wood. Superstar tells you that the four-head CNC cutting machine is more suitable for cutting wood. The following are the characteristics and application scope of the four-head cutting machine.


Furniture Cutting Machine CNC Router Features:

1. The whole bed is welded with seamless steel structure, tempered and aged, with strong rigidity and no deformation.

2. Taiwan linear square guide rail, double-row and four-row ball slide block, load-bearing, stable operation, high precision, long life, double screw rod high-precision precision cutting.

3. The air-cooled spindle is 6kW and 4.5kw, with high cutting strength.

4. Independent cabinet, separate keyboard operation, split keyboard operation, easy to learn, flexible to master the use of equipment, more independent.

5. Equipped with a six-zone vacuum adsorption table specially designed for soft materials such as MDF. Plates of different sizes can also be placed to maintain the flatness of the surface of the plate, so that the engraving effect drawing is consistent and the loading and unloading time is improved.

Application fields of CNC wood four processing routers:

Three-dimensional wave board processing, cabinet doors, solid wood doors, craft wooden doors, paint-free doors, screens, craft window processing, shoes and shoes, game consoles and panels, mahjong tables, computer desks and auxiliary processing of panel furniture products.






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