What materials can CNC engraving machine engrave?
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What materials can CNC engraving machine engrave?

CNC router engraving machine, such as hardwood, marble, white marble cylindrical handicraft engraving and processing.

1. The bed and frame are welded with thick-walled square tubes and treated with stress relief. Good rigidity and no deformation.


2. The Y-axis is driven by dual motors, driven by high-precision gears and racks, with high power and stable operation.

3. The lifting platform adopts 2KW three-phase parallel motor, turbine and worm gearbox, drives the large-pitch sprocket and four large-diameter trapezoidal screws, and adds four large-diameter guiding light bars to move up and down, stable and reliable, and the maximum lifting The weight can be up to 1.5 tons.

4. The rotator adopts the machine tool long plate (positive and negative claws) and the rear end thimble. Square linear guides are used for the movement of the rear thimble, and the concentricity is extremely accurate. The chassis is made of ZL-102 integral casting x finishing. The maximum diameter of the workpiece can reach 400 mm, the length can reach 1200 mm, the weight of the workpiece can be up to 56 kg, and the workpiece balance roller is equipped.bridge saw machine5. There is a stainless steel water tank on the lifting platform for processing stone, and an automatic water supply device.

bridge saw machine

6. Two 4012 type rotators can be placed on the equipment platform. When the cylindrical workpiece is not processed, the rotator can be removed for plane engraving. The thickness of the plane workpiece can reach 700 mm.





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