What materials can a panel saw cut?
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What materials can a panel saw cut?

CNC cutting saws, also known as push table saws and precision saws. This machine can cut and process all kinds of solid wood boards, multi-layer boards, construction boards and cardboards. Used in logging farms, furniture factories, board factories and other occasions. Plexiglass and other boards with wood-like structure and hardness are among the materials used in furniture production, decoration and other industries.

The saw can be used for vertical and horizontal cutting of veneer particleboard, fiberboard, plywood, solid wood, plastic panels, aluminum alloys and other materials. It can also be used for sawing various insulating panels, thin aluminum sheets and aluminum profiles.

pannel saw sample

Features of sliding panel saw machine:

1.45 degree lift panel saw, easy to use

2. Double thickened round rod chrome guide rail

3. Electric lift, digital display function

4. Panel saw with high precision, high finish and long service life






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