Which Engraving Machine Does the Handicraft Industry need?
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Which Engraving Machine Does the Handicraft Industry need?

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small Wood engraving machine is mainly applicable to three major industries: panel furniture production, handicraft processing industry and advertising industry.

The production efficiency of manual carving is relatively low. In order to meet the growing demand for woodcarving artwork, more and more craftsmen choose to use woodcarving machines to complete their woodcarving works. For this reason, we specially designed this 6090 advertising wood carving machine suitable for handicraft processing. The machine is compact and simple, which can meet the processing needs of small studios. The carving area can be 600mm*900mm*200mm.

small wood carving machine

Small CNC Engraving Machine

This model also adopts the DSP A11 handle control system, the bed body adopts the overall steel structure, the bed body has undergone secondary aging treatment, and the motor drive adopts a well-known domestic brand, thus ensuring the movement accuracy and reliability of the whole machine, Taiwan TBI XYZ axis ball screw, imported HIWIN guide rail, strong software compatibility: well-known CAD/CAM software such as Type3/ artcarm/ castmate/ proe/ Corelerow/ Wentai. For the spindle, in most cases we will use a 1.5KW water-cooled spindle, but we support customization, you can tell us your preferred machine configuration. Or tell us your specific processing materials and processing requirements, and our professional technicians will match you with the most suitable configuration according to your situation.

The 6090 advertising machine can process different materials, such as wood, aluminum, acrylic, etc.

small cnc router packing

Advertising Engraving Machine Kit

6090 advertising machine also support advertising industries, billboard industry: large character cutting, sign making, LED/neon light groove shape, hole shape literal cutting, plastic light box mold making, etc.

If you are in the advertising processing industry or handicraft industry and have any product needs, please contact us. SUPERSTAR was established in 2003, with a factory area of 90,000 square meters and strong production strength. We can provide you with the most cost-effective machines.