Why are the prices of CNC cutting machines different?
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Why are the prices of CNC cutting machines different?

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Why are CNC cutting machines expensive and cheap? Many whole-house custom manufacturers encounter this problem when purchasing equipment. Different manufacturers of cutting machines have different quotations. The price difference is so big. Where is the difference?

1. Differences in accessories

This is the basic reason for the price gap. The cnc machine for wood woodworking is composed of many accessories, and these accessories have different brands and different prices. Therefore, using a CNC cutting machine with high accessories,

It will be much more expensive than the cutting machine using low-end accessories. But the quality is naturally higher than the woodworking cnc machine using low-end accessories.

Many customers feel that it doesn't matter if the accessories are good or bad, as long as they can be used. Here I would like to remind you that the quality of the accessories determines the quality of the machine. The cutting machine of low-end accessories is prone to various problems during use, which not only affects the user experience, but also easily delays the construction period and causes undue losses.

2. After-sale service

After-sales service is the top priority, no matter how good the quality of the cutting machine equipment, it is impossible to have no problems at all. If the operator has insufficient grasp of the equipment operation, it is easy to misuse the equipment and cause equipment failure. At this time, the importance of after-sales service is reflected.

Without after-sales service personnel, it is impossible to provide complete after-sales service, and the labor cost will naturally affect the price of equipment.

3. Manufacturer scale

Many customers feel that the size of the manufacturer is not important. actually not. The size of the manufacturer determines the strength of the manufacturer. The stronger the strength, the higher the investment in equipment research and development and quality inspection, and the higher the machine quality.

To sum up, there are many factors that affect the price of cnc router wood machine. When purchasing CNC cutting machine, you should pay attention to comparison in many aspects, choose a manufacturer with good quality and good after-sales service, dont just look at the price of CNC cutting machine, and avoid falling into the price. trap.

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