Wood CNC Router Machine CX-1325 Exported to New Zealand
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Wood CNC Router Machine CX-1325 Exported to New Zealand

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Our client Mr. Alex is from New Zealand, he wants to make wooden doors and other furniture.He plans to expand his wood craft industry.We are a Taobao seller on Alibaba.com.After searching on Alibaba.com, he was interested in our products and sent us an inquiry.

After we discussed the functions of the Wood CNC Router Machine CX-1325,he planned to visit our factory to learn how to use the Wood CNC Router Machine. When we met at the CNC wood router factory,he decided to buy two Wood CNC Router Machine CX-1325.At the same time,he also ordered some laser engraving machines for wood crafts and laser cutting machines for metal crafts.Now the Wood CNC Router Machine is in a very good production state.Next month,his engineers will learn how to operate it in the future.

Wood CNC Router Machine CX-1325 is a CNC router widely used for woodworking engraving and cutting.This Wood CNC Router Machine is equipped with a high-speed rotary drive milling machine with a spindle to engrave materials.The CNC studio can be equipped with a computer for real-time screen operation.As a unique professional technology,this Wood CNC Router Machine is simple and efficient in operation and beautiful in appearance.

This Wood CNC Router Machine adopts the combination of artistic surface modeling method and geometric surface modeling method,and the combination of precise painting organization and artistic painting organization.This Wood CNC Router Machine is equipped with a high-speed engraving process and process flow for small tools.It has a vacuum suction table connected to a vacuum pump through a pipe. There are many suction holes on the surface of the engraving machine table.The negative pressure generated by the vacuum pump is firmly absorbed on the surface of the table by the vacuum pump. Efficient and fast,suitable for carved wooden doors and panel furniture.The Weihong control system has strong anti-interference performance and passed the CE test.Support break point and power-off functions.

This Wood CNC Router Machine is suitable for the bulletin board industry (sign making,LED lamp trough,blister light box mold making) and woodworking industry (MDF, MDF,etc.hollowing,grate,relief processing and production.)

Specification of Wood CNC Router Machine CX-1325 Exported to New Zealand

Operating system


Drive motor



Small cabinet

Travel speed


Spindle power


Spindle speed


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