Woodworking CNC Router Machine for prone problems and their solutions
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Woodworking CNC Router Machine for prone problems and their solutions

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In daily work, woodworking CNC router machine inevitably have some problems, some are due to the machine's own configuration problems, and some are due to customer misoperation. Generally speaking, there are the following points:

1. The spindle motor of the woodworking CNC router machine suddenly stops or decelerates during work. Reasons: (1) The working voltage is unstable or overloaded, and a voltage stabilizer can be added. (2) Check whether the neutral wire is connected and whether the wire end is unsoldered.

Superstar CNC uses advanced technology. Each machine has undergone 72 hours of high-intensity quality inspection to ensure zero failure of the machine. At the same time, each machine has a warranty period and a professional and timely after-sales service team to help customers solve the problem in the first time Failures occurred during the use of the machine, to ensure that the customer's production schedule is not affected.

2. The woodworking CNC router machine cannot engrave on the origin. Reason: (1) Whether the size of the typesetting file is consistent with the machine. (2) Check if there are any deviations and the layout is correct.

3. When the woodworking CNC router machine starts to reset, there is always one or one limit switch with abnormal sound.Reasons: (1) Where the limit switch cannot reach the limit, the limit switch must be adjusted correctly. (2) The transmission line is in poor contact, and the transmission line is re-fixed firmly. (3) Check whether the limit switch line is connected. (4) Check whether the limit switch is damaged.

4. In the process of setting the origin, the woodworking CNC router machine sometimes shifts forward or right, and the distance is uncertain. Reasons: (1) The limit switch is invalid. When the system returns to the system origin, the limit switch has been turned off and rebounded, and the limit switch is required to be replaced. (2) Loosen the transmission line and try to tighten it.

In daily work, woodworking CNC router machine inevitably has some of the above problems. When there is a problem, the problem caused by misoperation is given priority, and then the problem of the machine's own setting is checked.





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