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The composition and precautions of CNC engraving machine

The CNC woodworking engraving machine is mainly composed of four parts:(1) Body part: The main function of the torso part of the machine tool is to provide a working platform. There are mainly two types of materials: cast iron platform and cast aluminum platform. The price of cast iron platform is h

2021 12-21
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Selection skills of woodworking cutting machine equipment

With the popularity of custom furniture, more and more furniture production companies have gradually begun to purchase whole-house custom equipment to achieve product transformation. Panel furniture cutting machine is favored by panel furniture manufacturers due to its multi-process processing advan

2021 12-06
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Double Heads Woodworking machine Export to South Africa

The double-head woodworking machine is designed and manufactured by Superstar Company, specially designed for the woodworking industry. It is an double-head woodworking machine widely used in woodworking doors, wood furniture engraving and cutting projects.This double-head woodworking machine adopts

2021 09-18
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Automatic Woodworking Cutting Machine CX-1325 Export to Australia

Automatic Woodworking Cutting Machine is a kind of wood cutting and engraving machine mainly used for wood cutting and engraving. This Automatic Woodworking Cutting Machine high-speed rotation of the spindle drives the milling cutter to engrave the material. The NC studio can be equipped with a comp

2021 09-07
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CNC Router Wood Machine CX-1530 was Exported to Russia

CNC Router Wood Machine CX-1530 is specially designed and engineered for wood cutting and engraving various hard materials such as furniture, wood, composites,acrylic, plastics and foams, etc. Our CNC router wood machine is equipped with imported high performance spindle, popular industrial control

2021 06-19
How to choose aluminum table and vacuum table for CNC wood router?

From the point of view of the table: CNC router working table is mainly divided into aluminum table and vacuum table. The aluminum table is used as the table, and the engraving workpiece needs to be fixed manually. the vacuum adsorption table is directly placed on the table of the engraving machine, and it can be automatically fixed. Vacuum adsorption table can save time and fix more firmly. However, it is not suitable for all processing techniques. What type of woodworking engraving machine to choose depends on the processing technique.

2021 05-15