Advantages of CNC cutting machine in custom furniture processing
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Advantages of CNC cutting machine in custom furniture processing

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Panel furniture is more and more widely used, enriching the furniture market, but also driving the development of the CNC cutting machine industry. The CNC cutting machine is a special machine specialized in cutting and perforating panel furniture. It replaces the traditional sliding table saw and electronic cutting saw. It gets rid of the traditional cutting mode's dependence on manual labor. It also takes into account vertical drilling while cutting. Combined with professional design software for dismantling orders, it can realize customized production of cabinets and wardrobes, greatly improving the utilization rate of boards, improving efficiency and saving manpower and material resources, so it is very popular among furniture dealers.

4 AXIS cnc Engraving Machine

4 Axis CNC Cutting Machine

What are the advantages of CNC cutting machine in furniture processing?

1. High precision: The traditional sliding table saw cutting requires manual and continuous adjustment by ruler, and there is a large error in size. However, the CNC cutting machine is automatically controlled by a computer, and the automatic tool setting function allows users to operate the equipment more conveniently and quickly. At the same time, the accuracy of the equipment is guaranteed.

2. Simple operation: The traditional cutting equipment requires at least two professional employees to operate, while the CNC cutting machine only needs one employee, and it can be operated only by simple training.

3.High degree of automation: CNC cutting machine can be equipped with automatic tool change, automatic labeling and other automation systems, which can realize automatic production operation, and the CNC cutting machine has more detection and fault tolerance mechanisms, which is simple and efficient.

4. Environmental protection: The standard equipment of CNC cutting machine is equipped with the function of dust removal device, which can suck the plate debris into the waste device after processing, which is more environmentally friendly.

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It is precisely because the CNC cutting machine has the above outstanding advantages that the cutting machine is more and more widely used. If you also want to improve production efficiency and save manpower and material resources, then it is time to configure a CNC cutting machine.





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