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  • The function of edge banding machine

    Edge banding is an important process in the manufacturing process of panel furniture. The quality of edge banding directly affects the quality, price and grade of products. In this article, let's take a look at what functions the edge banding machine has.What is a fully automatic edge banding machin Read More

  • 2022 Best Selling CNC Router for Wood Production Line (November Update)

    With the development of science and technology, the production, processing and manufacturing process of panel furniture is also continuously upgraded and optimized. The panel furniture production line realizes file transmission between software and equipment, and transmission platform connection bet Read More

  • Are panel saws accurate?

    Panel saw, also known as push table saw, is a precision cutting saw with high-end configuration to cut the board accurately and accurately. Mainly used for various density boards, particle boards, wood-based boards, ABS boards, PVC boards, plexiglass boards and solid wood and other materials with si Read More

  • What is the use of the edge banding machine?

    The edge banding machine is a kind of woodworking machinery. It belongs to the solid wood machinery category. The edge banding machine, as the name suggests, is used for edge banding.The traditional manual operation process is completed with highly automated machinery. Including conveying in straigh Read More

  • What materials can a panel saw cut?

    CNC cutting saws, also known as push table saws and precision saws. This machine can cut and process all kinds of solid wood boards, multi-layer boards, construction boards and cardboards. Used in logging farms, furniture factories, board factories and other occasions. Plexiglass and other boards wi Read More

  • What machine is used to cutting wood?

    Many customers are wondering what machine can be better used for cutting wood. Superstar tells you that the four-head CNC cutting machine is more suitable for cutting wood. The following are the characteristics and application scope of the four-head cutting machine.Furniture Cutting Machine CNC Rout Read More

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