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  • What are the disadvantages of four-axis CNC cutting machine

    In the previous article, we learned about the advantages of wood cutting machines, so today we will take a look at the disadvantages of multi-axis cutting machines.Disadvantages of multi-axis wood cutters:1. Low efficiency: Although the four-process CNC cutting machine can complete the two processes Read More

  • What are the advantages of the four-process CNC cutting machine?

    At present, the four-process CNC cutting machine occupies a large market, especially in the newly built panel furniture factory, many customers regard the four-process cutting machine as the required model. The four-process CNC cutting machine can be used as both door panels and cabinets. At present Read More

  • What machine is used to cut wood?

    When it comes to wood cutting, most people think of using CNC saws for processing. So today I bring you a precision automatic panel saw, which is far ahead of any wood saw in terms of processing efficiency and precision. Let’s take a look at the best precision panel saws for cutting wood.The advanta Read More

  • CNC Router Carving Wood--2022 Best Selling Wood CNC Router

    Woodworking engraving machines are common in our lives, and they are often found in handicrafts, high-end wooden doors, furniture, antique furniture and other products. Compared with manual engraving, woodworking engraving machines are faster, and the carved products are more exquisite, which also g Read More

  • The function of edge banding machine

    Edge banding is an important process in the manufacturing process of panel furniture. The quality of edge banding directly affects the quality, price and grade of products. In this article, let's take a look at what functions the edge banding machine has.What is a fully automatic edge banding machin Read More

  • 2022 Best Selling CNC Router for Wood Production Line (November Update)

    With the development of science and technology, the production, processing and manufacturing process of panel furniture is also continuously upgraded and optimized. The panel furniture production line realizes file transmission between software and equipment, and transmission platform connection bet Read More

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