Causes of tool radial runout of CNC milling machine
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Causes of tool radial runout of CNC milling machine

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In the CNC milling machine cutting process, there are many reasons for machining errors. The error caused by the tool radial runout is an important factor, which directly affects the minimum shape error and the machined surface that the machine tool can achieve under ideal machining conditions. The accuracy of the geometric shape. In actual cutting, the radial runout of the tool affects the machining accuracy, surface roughness, uneven wear of the tool and the cutting process characteristics of the multi-tooth tool. The greater the radial runout of the tool, the more unstable the machining state of the tool, and the more it affects the machining effect.

cnc milling machine

CNC Milling Machine

Causes of radial runout

Drift and eccentricity between the tool axis and the ideal rotation axis of the spindle caused by manufacturing errors and clamping errors of the tool and spindle components, as well as the specific processing technology and assembly, may cause the radial runout of the CNC milling machine tool during processing.

1. The influence caused by the radial runout of the spindle itself

The main reasons for the radial runout error of the main shaft are the coaxiality error of each journal of the main shaft, various errors of the bearing itself, the coaxiality error between the bearings, the deflection of the main shaft, etc., and their influence on the radial rotation accuracy of the main shaft It varies with the processing method. These factors are formed in the process of manufacturing and assembling the machine tool, and it is difficult for the operator of the machine tool to avoid their influence.

2. The influence caused by the inconsistency of the tool center and the spindle rotation center

In the process of installing the tool to the spindle, if the center of the tool is inconsistent with the center of rotation of the spindle, it will inevitably lead to radial runout of the tool. The specific influencing factors are: the fit of the tool and the chuck, whether the method of loading the tool is correct, and the quality of the tool itself.

3. The impact of specific processing technology

The radial runout of the tool during machining is mainly because the radial cutting force aggravates the radial runout. The radial cutting force is the radial component of the total cutting force. It will cause the workpiece to bend and deform and produce vibration during processing, which is the main component that affects the quality of the workpiece. It is mainly affected by factors such as cutting amount, tool and work piece material, tool geometric angle, lubrication method and processing method.

The above is the reason for the radial runout in actual operation. I will share with you how to reduce the radial runout in the next issue.





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