Superstar CX- B2 Automatic ATC Woodworking Furniture Cnc Router Cutting Machine
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Superstar CX- B2 Automatic ATC Woodworking Furniture Cnc Router Cutting Machine

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CNC wood router is a type of wood CNC machine for 2D/3D cutting, carving, routing, milling, drilling and engraving on most popular woodworking. Wood CNC router is suitable for carpentry, wooden doors, furniture, cabinets, molds, etc. The carving material including wood sheet, MDF, hard wood, acrylic sheet, PVC foam sheet, PCB sheet,ABS double color sheet, aluminum, brass, gold, silver, etc. Engraving working include cutting, 2D engraving, 3D engraving, hollowing, etc.
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Working Video

Technical Parameter

Model CX1325 ATC woodworking cnc router machine 
X Y Z axis working area1300mm*2500mm*200mm
Guide railY axis with 30mm and XZ axis with 25mm Taiwan CSK square rrail
Spindle9.0kw ATC CHINA HQD air cooling spindle
Spindle Speed0-18000rpm/min
transmission wayhelical gear reck for XY axis, ball screw for Z axis
Machine accuracy±0.05mm
control systemKND
Machine tableVacuum table
Vacuum pump7.5KW Circulating water vacuum pump

Product Description

1.The processing platform adopts thick tempered steel plate,so that the table face is not deformed and not drooping, the engraving is flat, the perpendicularity is high, and ensure the machine more stable in use.

2.The main electrical components are well-known brands, strong impact resistance, anti-interference, moisture resistance and stability, ensure the equipment for a long time stable processing and operation.

3.Double-deck adsorption table with 7.5KW water vacuum pump, so that the air pressure distribution more uniform. There're 200-300 suction holes on the table to hold the small plate.

4.Taiwan square linear guide, with high precision, long service life, large contact surface and strong load carrying capacity, the use of vertical rail technology ensures the stability of operation.

5.Strengthening and thickening of heavy gantry, steel plate after precision cutting and planer processing, and welding, equivalent to two times tempering treatment, to ensure that Longmen durable, work without deformation.

6.Integral cast iron side plate and high temperature tempering treatment prevent lateral deformation and affect the precision of Y axis.

7.German chain and cable, the undeformed wire and cable have no breakage, the signal line and the power line are separated according to the specification area, the better defense signal interference, the internal zoning of the chain, and the unscrewing of the cable work in the process. The cable adopts imported high flexible shielding line and has a longer service life.

8.When the woking is completed, it can push the material automatically, save time and power, and locate the cylinder in the transverse longitudinal zone. All of them are adjusted by the dial meter to ensure the positioning accuracy of the two times when the positive and negative face is processed.

Applicable industries

Woodworking industry: three dimensional wave board processing, cabinet door, craft wooden door, paint free door, screen, craft window processing, furniture products milling carving. 

Cabinet, cabinet, computer desk, board furniture, office furniture, wooden speakers, wooden kitchenware and other board furniture plane cutting, milling, edge, drilling, carving and other auxiliary processing.






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