Superstar CNC CX - Small Wood Cylinder Engraving Machine
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Superstar CNC CX - Small Wood Cylinder Engraving Machine

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Superstar CNC CX - 1200Y woodworking single head cylinder machine,Is a simple operation of the single cylinder engraving machine, small convenient, automatic processing.
  • CX-1200Y

  • Superstar


Working Video

Product Description

CNC Rotary Machine Features:

  1. X axis round guide,Z axis ball screw,applicable for 200mm diameter cutting and engraving,can customized with special requirement.

  2. Steel structure bed, save space, seamless welding, strong bearing capacity.

  3. water cooling spindle,more cutting force.

  4. DSP-A11 SYSTEM,easy to learn and easy operate.

  5. X axis adopt high-precision square linear guide, high precision, wear resistance, smooth operation.

  6. Using high-reliability CNC templates to guarantees the system's working stability and keep installation.

  7. precision stepper motor,keep the accuracy the working size.

  8. Frequency conversion speed regulation system can solve the problem of wood vibration by adjusting the rotation speed.

Technical Parameters

X Y Z axis working are


CX-1200Y cnc router

Control System

DSP-A11 system


3kw water cooling spindle

Whole machine power


working speed


Working voltage



450B stepper motor


20mm round rail guide 

Detailed Images

engraving machine

3kw Water Cooling Spindle

cutting head

Cylindrical Engraving Head

cnc router

DSP A11s Control System

wood engraving machines

20mm Round Rail Guide

Sample Application

Mainly for the relief furniture industry- multi processing function, round wood relief carving process

Complex technology
- dragon pillar, relief furniture, stair handrail, decoration industry. Three dimensional processing technology

Other industries
- carving 360 ° human body, Buddha statue, sculpture, handicraft, furniture, etc

Cylinder machine sample