What details should be paid attention to in the four-process CNC cutting machine
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What details should be paid attention to in the four-process CNC cutting machine

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The four-process CNC cutting machine is a machine used for panel furniture materials and punching. It replaces the traditional push table saw and electronic cutting saw, and gets rid of the dependence of the traditional cutting mode on manual labor. The vertical holes are made in one go, and the intelligent production is realized by combining with the special production design software. It can also solve the milling engraving of a small amount of cabinet door panels, thereby saving manpower and material resources. People pay more and more attention to its purchase. Superstar CNC summarizes some details of the purchase of four-process CNC cutting machine for you, hoping to help everyone.

1. Differences in the types of guide rails of cnc wood router 4 axis

There are guide rails on the X, Y and Z axes of the cutting machine, and the guide rail is also the most important part of the cutting machine accessories. A high-quality guide rail can not only make the processing process faster and smoother, but also maintain and maintain It is also very convenient to use, and the guide rails with slightly poor quality will not only cause the sliding balls to fall off as the number of uses increases, but also cause the original set of accessories to become unengageable after maintenance.

2. Selection of the rack of the four-process CNC cutting machine

Different racks represent different degrees of precision and stability. If the meshing degree of the racks with poor quality is not accurate enough, not only the gantry will not move stably, but also a lot of noise will be generated. Using a good rack can not only improve the accuracy, improve the stability of the equipment processing process, but also prolong the service life of the product.

Three, four process CNC cutting machine cable

This is a problem that most people do not pay attention to. The cable of such a large device is not a mobile phone charging cable, but it only ensures the passage of current. During the long-term mechanical processing, the cable has to go through several times. Ten thousand times of bending, millions of signals of different intensities pass through it every second, and the influence of the weather on the strength of the casing must also be considered. If even a small section of a cable is damaged, the entire device will be damaged. If it cannot operate normally, the equipment must be returned to the factory for a new one. Therefore, a good cable must have strong wear resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and high flexibility.

I hope you can keep in mind some of the details of the above 4 axis cnc router for wooden, so that you can buy high-quality and high-performance four-process CNC cutting machine equipment, and it will play a role in processing plates bigger.

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