Superstar Three Head Wood Cabinet Furniture Door Cutting Machine
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Superstar Three Head Wood Cabinet Furniture Door Cutting Machine

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Superstar three head wood cnc cutting machine is suitable for engraving and milling of 2-3 kinds of pattern cutters. There is no need to change the cutter for processing a variety of patterns, and the program is automatically executed.It is also easy to operate for those with poor numerical control operation ability.
  • CX-1325

  • Superstar


Product Description

  • It adopts Taiwan linear square guide rail, double row and four row ball slide block, Taiwan ball screw has high precision and accurate cutting.

  • The selection of spindle is hqd4.5kw high-speed air-cooled spindle with NSK bearing imported from Japan.

  • Good software compatibility, compatible with type 3 / actcam / castmate / Wentai and other CAD / CAM design and production software.

  • The y-axis is driven by two motors, which makes it run at a high speed of more than 30 m / min.

  • Reinforce and thicken the heavy gantry,so as to ensure the long-term durability and no deformation of the gantry.

  • The table is a vacuum adsorption table, which can strongly absorb materials of different areas. There is no displacement in processing small plates, the processing surface is smooth, and the plate size is accurate.

Technical Parameter

ModelM25 three head (double head or four head optional) 
Woodworking size1300mm*2500mm*200mm
Drive motor 

Domestic servo

Operating systemWeihong control
Transmission modeXY rack Z lead screw
GuideTaiwan square track
Software running environmentWindows2000/XP/98
Engraving instructionG-code/HP-GL
Power consumption (excluding spindle)1500w
Principal axis4.5kw air cooling * 3

Applicable industries

Woodworking industry: 

three dimensional wave board processing, cabinet door, craft wooden door, paint free door, screen, craft window processing, furniture products milling carving. 

Cabinet, cabinet, computer desk, board furniture, office furniture, wooden speakers, wooden kitchenware and other board furniture plane cutting, milling, edge, drilling, carving and other auxiliary processing.

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