Superstar CX-1325 Hot Wire Vertical 3D Foam Cutting Machine
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Superstar CX-1325 Hot Wire Vertical 3D Foam Cutting Machine

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Hot wire foam cutting machine is capable of 2d, 3d cutting. It is widely used in packaging industry, foam mold industry, EPS foam letter cutting, architectural decoration, foam products handicrafts, Styrofoam cutting.
  • CX-1325

  • Superstar


Working Video

Product Description

  • The control system is independently researched and developed by the company. If there is no computer basis or no CAD drawing basis, it can be operated independently after 1-2 days of training.

  • The cutting software is compatible with CAXA and AUTO CAD drawings, no drawing, no programming, importing can cut, very convenient to use.

  • The transmission system adopts Taiwan-made ball screw, which is accurate and has no gap and low noise. Other companies generally use chain, rack or ordinary fine thread screw, and the life and accuracy are worlds apart.

  • The dust-proof system and overall design of the equipment adopt large-scale CNC machine tools, and the detail protection treatment is brought into full play.

  • guaranteed after-sales service.

Technical Parameter

ModelSuperstar CNC independently developed 1325 heavy-duty
Drive modeDrive mode
X axis screw2.5m
Drive rail Linearcircular rail
Y-axis screw1.3m
CNC systemSuperstar CNC independent research and development
Drive motorHigh-speed motor
Machine bedIndependently researched and developed square steel welded bed body, overall stress relief and vibration aging
Voltage regulator1KV

Applicable industries

package industry,eps foam cushion making, foam mould industry, eps foam letter cutting, architectural decoration, building foam pillar cutting, advertising industry, arts and craft of foam product.

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