Superstar Cnc CX- 3000e PVC Laminating Machine With Plc Touch Screen
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Superstar Cnc CX- 3000e PVC Laminating Machine With Plc Touch Screen

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The automatic laminating machine adopts aluminum heating system, heating evenly, high-quality thermal insulation material, energy-saving and power-saving. Fully automatic double-pipe ventilation, strong adsorption and covering power. This machine is equipped with Shanghai Sykes 140 series vacuum pump, which is stable and easy to maintain.
  • CX-3000E

  • Superstar


Working Video

Product Description

Features of automatic laminating machine:

  • The use time of the electrical control part and the temperature control system of the electrical solenoid valve. The electrical control parts are made of CHINT electrical appliances with low failure rate

  • Using aluminum heating system, heating evenly, high quality insulation material, saving energy and electricity.

  • The use of integrated walking motor, motor, reducer integration, low noise, low failure rate

  • This machine is equipped with Shanghai Sikes 140 series vacuum pump with good stability and easy maintenance.

  • Full automatic double tube ventilation, strong absorbing and covering power.

  • It adopts patent heating system, with uniform temperature, two sets of heating system, processing of high gloss PVC, full-automatic international standard duplex platform, high efficiency, temperature control area or humanization. 

Technical Parameter



Working table size


1300*3000mm (snowflake galvanized steel)0.03cm


negative pressure>0.095MP

Temperature Heating

Metal five side aluminum heating + low heating (aluminum heating)





Actual consumption


Working type

One key start + automatic in and out + timing heating + automatic covering

Control switch


Vacuum Pump

140m3 / h vacuum negative pressure

Vacuum pump 2.2kW  + large capacity double gas tank

Applicable industries

Wood door laminating machine Application:

It is an ideal auxiliary processing equipment for furniture, cabinet, decorative materials, artwork, acrylic, panel furniture, decorative skirting board and advertising speaker industry Equipment.

low heating vacuum laminating machine, can do high gloss lamination, low heating softening degree is good, plastic effect is better, work efficiency is high, heating fast and uniform, forming fast, solid absorption, surface smooth but flat.

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