Superstar CX-1530 Multi Function Manual CNC Lathe Wood
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Superstar CX-1530 Multi Function Manual CNC Lathe Wood

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CNC wood lathes are equipment that can make stair columns, wood patterns and other items. CNC woodworking lathes are operated by a user-controlled computer. A variety of models for you to choose: single-spindle, double-spindle wood lathes and double-spindle woodworking lathes with spindles and automatic loading devices.
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Working Video

Product Description

CNC Wood Lathe Advantages:

  • Wood lathe is a device that can create items such as stairway posts,designs on wood,and more. A CNC wood lathe is operated by a computer which is controlled by the user.
  • The use of computers on a lathe machine offers a wide range of benefits and features,while improving functionality.
  • Lathe machine is designed for cylindrical or conoid workpieces,for example pillar,banister,chair legs,etc.

Technical parameters


Processing length100-1500mm
Machine dimension3.0x1.5x1.4m
Package dimension3.1x1.6x1.6m
Max. turning diameter300mm
Max.side length of wood logs can be processed200mm
Quantity of spindle1
Quantity of knife2
Max.feeding speed40mm/s
Spindle motor power4KW/5.5KW

Detailed Images

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machine details


Staircases,stairway balusters,stairway newel posts;dining table legs;end table legs;sofa table legs;bar stool legs;chair legs;chair arm posts;chair stretchers;bed rails;lamp posts;baseball bats and so on.

widely used for making round beads,small guarrd, molar teeth rod,small handle and other small crafts.small vase, bowel, pen barrel, disk,shan making.


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